Saturday, April 08, 2006

How Others See Us

It's all too easy when you're in the middle of a project or activity to lose sight of the big picture, failing to see the forest for the trees.

That's also true when you're in the middle of a region.

How can you step back and look at the region in a fresh way? One way is to do it by seeing through other's eyes.

Take a look at an internet thread about Pittsburgh on the "Skyscraper Page Forum," and you'll get a chance to do just that. It's called:
Hark! It's the gleaming skyline of faire PITTSBURGH!
(Thanks to Pat for forwarding the link to me.)

Make sure you scroll down to the BOTTOM of the thread as well as look some of the (many) pictures at the top. You'll want to read the enthusiastic comments about not only the skyline, but what happens at the street level. Some examples:

Pittsburgh never stops amazing me. It is so great to live only 1 hour from one of the country's greatest cities.
Spent a lot of time in PGH and I really love that city. For some reason it just exudes a great vibe of coolness. I also like it because it's one of those cities people don't think about very often, and when you're there it's like, "why don't I spend more time here."
This is a happening city man.... our city has soo much going on in way of developments and new life being pumped into our glorious city...


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